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Lean Facilitation Made Easy: Lean Poker I, II, III

Lean Facilitation Made Easy: Lean Poker I, II and III is for beginners or experienced champions of lean who are looking for learning activities to illuminate the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) continuous improvement cycle and the A3 lean tool in the workplace. This book provides several key elements for lean facilitators, such as a general background on lean, facilitation pointers, three iterations of Lean Poker, and support materials for facilitation. There are three separate learning activities in the book that may be used individually or as a series and each administration can be customized to fit participants’ needs.

Intended for novice to seasoned facilitators, the book puts forth a wide of variety of information ranging from careful explanations of the pedagogy of facilitation to detailed accountings as to how to direct these lean learning activities. The three Lean Poker activities can be used with small groups, teams or large audiences as icebreakers or as in-depth examinations of PDCA and the A3.

Designed as a versatile guide, this book describes many options for lean facilitation based on the audience, the setting and the purpose of the gathering. Each activity is based on three standards of professional development training with graphic organizers for options for facilitation. Each activity requires an explanation of the PDCA cycle and the A3 and encourages total audience participation.

This book makes lean learning fun through the enjoyment and engagement of the learning game and simulation. It also makes lean learning meaningful through the analysis and application of the metaphor and symbolism. It brings to life the critical paradigms needed for the application of continuous improvement by examining the PDCA cycle and the A3 through a new lense.

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