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Client Feedback-Consulting

-I thought that the lean process was a very useful way to pinpoint areas that could benefit from waste elimination.

-This consulting leveled the process for us. I learned a lot. There were great tools used with excellent facilitation. It was a good selection of teammates. I will use this information again.

-This was definitely an eye opening experience. It appears that there is a lot of process waste identified.

-Thank you, I really benefitted from this. All in all, I will be walking away with a wealth of knowledge from this process and from each individual I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interact with. Learned so much! Thanks!

-I think it was great that such a large cross section of departments participated in problem identifying and solving. The variety of viewpoints was very valuable.

-Great exercise! I learned a great deal. We can collate these business processes. This is very doable. Thank you for your help.

-Not only did the techniques learned help this process, but I have learned so much I can apply to other processes. Thank you!

-Your knowledge is impressive and your delivery is excellent! It was a useful, exciting, positive experience.

--There was a huge value to have an independent (outside) review of our current processes. I believe that the collaborative ideas and concepts shared will benefit all parties involved. Too often processes are completed just because of the previous precedent—the LEAN process has opened many eyes.

-Connections were made in my thinking of strategic planning, improvement and daiily practices.

-This makes even more sense now and gives me greater confidence to share with staff.

-Thank you for the wonderful help and keeping us on target. I understand the use of tlean ools much more.

-The practical use of tools was good learning for me, as well as with my team members throughout the organization

-It feels like we’ve identified new places to improve our work—thanks.

-This was very useful and relevant and I feel like we have a better focus

-Having a chance to apply the tools in a manner in which I worked with others yet impacted my role at the same time was invaluable. Thank you!

-It was valuable to work with other buildings at same level and different grade levels.

-I appreciated clarity, efficiency, and knowledge of Rapid School Improvement Process.

Client Feedback-Training

-There was excellent organization in the training.

-The training offered good uses of different models to find problems and solutions.

-Excellent presenter! Very knowledgeable! Very interesting!

-It was a very eye opening process. We have learned a lot about lean and made a lean process improvement.

-I enjoyed getting the “101” course on Lean. It can be used in all areas. Thank you!

-It was extemely helpful to understand where others sit or what they think. The training was helpful in forcing me to think in a different way. These types of trainings should be conducted more regularly. It was certainly eye opening.

-This training was very educational. Thank you for walking us through this process. I think that I will use this type of problem solving in many endeavors in my future. I’m excited to learn from other offices and positions.

-I loved the pacing, content, clarifying and guiding questions-Thank you-

-It was a positive move to “think” and “realize” that a change is needed in how we do our jobs. The lean process is a good approach in retraining staff to help eliminate waste in the workplace.

-The training was very educational; it was provided in a comfortable setting; I feel the training will lead to efficiency.

Client Feedback-Coaching

-The coaching provided excellent team building.

-I feel that even though my process is minor, through coaching I can use these lean processes in any project or job that I am a part of.

-Thank you! This experience made me feel like a valuable member of the team—and I look forward to seeing the final outcome.

-The Five Why’s is an awesome management tool to problem solve and get to the root cause. Understanding the root cause can assist in the development of solutions. The process map is a great way to look at and evaluate current processes for improvement. I will use this frequently in my manager capacity! Great experience.

-I discovered that you can reach results by using different kinds of methods. The coaching on the shark attack was great.

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