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Lean Leadership

White Belt/Green Belt/Black Belt Programs

Master the competencies of leadership and accelerate

your career path through Lean.

Meet the demand for effective and focused leaders through the

Lean Leadership White Belt/Green Belt/Black Belt Programs.

Whether you know a little or a lot about Lean, and whether you are an emerging or practicing Leader, this program allows you to develop yourself as a Lean Leader.

The Lean Leadership White Belt/Green Belt/Black Belt Programs provide a workplace-related hybrid learning experience for you.

Program Details

Your Participation

The Lean Leadership White Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt Programs are designed for those practicing or emerging leaders from any sector or any workplace who desire to extend, enrich or establish leadership knowledge, skills and abilities through mastery of Lean tenets, tools and competencies. 

24/7 Hybrid

If you want to gain leadership mastery, then this Program is for you.  It offers convenient 24/7 access to three (White Belt), three (Green Belt) and one additional (Black Belt) online chapters with critical lessons, case studies and project work.  Participants are supported with three, six or seven required chapter online synchronous 30 to 60-minute sessions.

Workplace Application

You will apply your Lean Leadership learning with an improvement project for the duration of the Program.  Your project will be reviewed iteratively during synchronous sessions.  Your improvement project will also be submitted for the White, Green and Black Belt Certifications examinations.

Business Conference

Your Options for Earning the White Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt

You have six options with this Program.  

  • Tier 1:   Lean Leadership White Belt Three Chapters and Project

  • Tier 1A: Lean Leadership White Belt Examination

  • Tier 2:   Lean Leadership Green  Belt Three Chapters More and Project 

  • Tier 2A::Lean Leadership Green Belt Examination 

  • Tier 3:    Lean Leadership Green  Belt  One Chapters More and Project 

  • Tier 3A:: Lean Leadership Black Belt Examination


Your Lean Leadership Outcomes

  •  You will comprehend Lean Leadership and improvement philosophies and how they can be applied to the workplace to accelerate organizational goals, cultural improvements and enterprise aims.

  •  You will master the application of Lean Leadership thinking and tools to solve hard problems and sustain tested solutions that make sense for employees and the organization.

  •  You will demonstrate effective application, appreciation and knowledge of three frequently used Lean Leadership Competencies:  communication, critical thinking and change leadership.

  •  You will participate in a workplace improvement project with impacts and accomplishments.

  •  You may obtain the Lean Leadership White, Green and/or Black Belt Certifications. 

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